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FYI: Licensed Herbalist, Phyto-therapist, herbal practitioner all these terms are interchangeable. 
"Medical Herbalist" relates to the level of training, this includes a similar medical clinical training of the anatomy and physiology of a conventional doctor, in addition to that mentioned in the
 herbal practitioner page.

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So! to get you feeling fresh and vibrant again we make sure no part of your being is left unturned. 
Taking a peek at your mind, body and your spirit, as we all have different aspects of self which affect our health, they all need nourishment and care, agreed?
That is really what Holistic means, therefore to add to the mix of a unique blended formulation of natural remedies from medicinal herbs dispensed by your local herbalist practitioner.
This also encompasses the energetic nature of you, as the whole.

This determines the choice of herb for you specifically.
Read more on the mind, body, spirit connection with herbs and thier energetics to contemplate the possibilities.

 Natural remediesfor Constipation, Hormonal Imbalances, Arthritis, Skin conditions, Respiratory complaints, Lyme,  Irritable Bowels and Digestive health, Erectile dysfunction, Liver support, HIV support, The list goes on......

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                                Be still for a minute!

Guided Meditations are aimed at those who find it difficult to quiet the mental chatter.  This may be useful to aid the mind, body, spirit connection and removal of toxic energies. They last for half an hour and we recommend it as an addition to your Medical Herbalist health or Nutritional consultation.

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          Consultation Fees: not including herbs
Herbalist Consult with examination inclusive
Adults  1 hr:                 £60.      Follow-ups           £35
Children under 12:      £35.      Follow-ups           £30
Health and Well-being plans  start at               £40
Guided meditations                                            £30

Nutritional advice/plans:                            Please call

A Deposit may be necessary due to intentional time-wasters
Medicinal remedies vary, less for children.
Clinic location by appointment only 
Home visits available (dependent on factors) 
Skype by appointment

Nurture yourself, to nurture others 

Herbalist  Practitioner for Health and  Wellness 



For Health and  Wellness

At your health consultation, a herbalist

practitioner will discuss your medical history. Then we will discuss what you want and what is needed for you to achieve your highest health goals.

Many health concerns are treatable or supported by medicinal herbs

If you need a referral to another facility, we can provide this for you.

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Have you been taking repeated antibiotics and are now experiencing rotten side effects?

If you are experiencing unknown causes of

dis-ease or imbalance, or are totally fed up with

living with that long-term health condition.

Isn't it plausible that  medicinal herbs have a therapeutic and physiological benefit?  Consider that most pharma drugs are indeed synthesized and standardized from plant material and their inner constituents 

Our herbs undergo strict quality control, from reputable and licensed sources in the UK 
Most medicinal herbs dispensed are "assured" organic. Remedies used are herbal tinctures, creams and on occasion syrups. 

A full medical history, plus physical observations and examinations take an hour, generally but can also be quicker dependent on your needs,

    The possibility exists you may wish to stop conventional medicines. It may be possible to wean off your current medications and replace with medicinal herbs. This can be done with the knowledge and integration of your open-minded GP or NHS consultant.

​We are members of the professional associations National Institute of Medical Herbalist. (NIMH)

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