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If you are dealing with addiction recovery or have you been on antibiotics and are now experiencing after effects. If you are in need of Cancer, HIV or Lymes support, or even if you are wondering what is going on with your body, these and other major health issues can be treated with medicinal herbs and our guidance.

Together we will discuss the factors needed to realise your health goals.
Guided meditation sessions are available.

These are beneficial for your health on many levels, of your mind body and spirit.

 We utilise all resources, we even use Pinterest for inspirational visuals. Written historical traditions which support scientific research. All to help move you into a harmoniously balanced alignment 
     The European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) represent registered herbal practitioners throughout Europe where you can find research and other interesting features. 

We are members of the professional associations National Institute of Medical Herbalist. (NIMH)

FYI: Licensed Herbalist, Phyto-therapist, herbal practitioner all these terms are interchangeable. 
The term "Medical Herbalist" relates to the level of training, which includes a similar medical training of the anatomy and physiology of a conventional doctor, in addition to that mentioned in the herbal practitioner page.

Herbal medicine treats many health ailments, and conditions, and possibly at risk of being repetitive this is all due to the constituents of each plant species and the variable components, but without getting too technical here are some conditions which have a very good base of evidence.

These include Osteoarthritis

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Depression and mood

Respiratory infections incl the common cold

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

There is a diverse range of scientific data in other areas and this can be found via Pubmed or Google scholar

Feel vibrant again with a herbal practitioner 

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After taking a full medical history, remember medical herbalists are clinically trained, we will then formulate and dispense a unique remedy of various medicinal herbs for healing, balance and contentment. Does this sound impossible? well, what do you think people did before Dr's surgery.  A holistic blending, each remedy is unique 

To restore you to your peak and vibrant selves we consider the mind, body and your emotional selves, which is how we arrive at the term holistic.

If you consider that your thought processors affect your health, and such things as emotional, physical, mental, or even spiritual trauma, our upbringing, all affect us individually in differing ways.

So with this in mind, this also encompasses the energetic nature of your being, which determines the choice of herb for you specifically.

Our herbs undergo strict quality control, from reputable and licensed sources in the UK 
Most herbal remedies dispensed are "assured" organic. Remedies used are herbal tinctures, creams and on occasion syrups. A full medical history, plus physical observations and examinations take an hour, generally but can also be quicker dependent on your needs,
    The possibility exists you may wish to stop conventional medicines. It may be possible to wean off your current medications and replace with medicinal herbs. This can be done with the knowledge and integration of your open-minded GP or NHS consultant.
CAUTION. All your health providers should be aware of your medications. Whether they be pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, medicinal herbs or supplements. Especially if you have planned surgery.

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Initial Consultation Fees: not including herbals

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Consultation and examination inclusive
Adults 1 hr = £60.                   Follow-ups £35
Children under 12 = £35.        Follow-ups £30
Under 3's= £30.

Visit clinic location by appointment and/or

Home visits available (dependent on factors)

Skype by appointment

Guided meditations are £25 for half hour
Herbal medicine/remedies vary, less for children

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