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Herbal Medicine is Natural Medicine. Here we can help you regain your strength and vitality with the support of your fully qualified herbal practitioner         

Here's to Health, Vibrancy, and Contentment.


The beauty of vegetative plants and herb-based medicines are that they are available to all, we try to keep our costs affordable for that reason.
Grass verges and fields of plants are laying in wait for someone to come along and pluck away at their goodness.
Plants are beautiful yet complex systems, more complicated than imagined. Within them lays a network and intelligence, which we call nature's secret helpers".
These many plant constituents, deep within allow for the treatment of a diverse range of health conditions and diseases. They move synergistically (together) as one (symbiotic) organism. This is happening within your bodies biological pathways. All this and more achieved from the traditional practice known as Herbal Medicine the art of Herbalism.

With the displeasure from everlasting side effects from conventionally prescribed medications and the growing awareness of humanity, more people are realising what nature has been trying to tell them for years.
Cancer treatments are now incorporating herbs as medicines into their regime due to the increase in public awareness. Cannabis herb is no longer seen as taboo, now recognised for the great potential towards many health issues and herbalists globally are beginning to be justifiably viewed as health professionals rather than someone living off the grid in a tent in some obscure location, although there's nothing wrong in that!
Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapies offer you, the client a more natural treatment option, so be wise use natures secret helper.

Health Consultant and London based Medical Herbalist, T Cruz BSc (Hons)  MNIMH is the founder of Herbal Abode, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. This service is directed at those searching for a safe and effective, additive and bulking agent free alternative


Safe with our guidance and effective due to

clinical research, traditional knowledge and

practitioner experience and qualification.
   A Medical Herbalist is trained clinically and in diagnostics, enabling a greater in-depth understanding in addition to outstanding herbaceous knowledge. Not only for those rich and famous but anyone who is open to natures secret helpers, our herbs, and plants, with evidence-based research.  

The beauty of natural, additive free medicine

A health consultants goal using Holistic medicinal practices goal is using the whole plant to benefit the entire being, this includes the energetic elements of a plant while keeping in one's mind that medicinal herbs are not a set of actions and activities but also have a unique energy of their own.

It is so much more than a system but a way of life for many. If you are searching for a qualified herbalist in South London or globally we are available for clinic, home or Skype appointments. We offer a holistic approach in regaining that bright healthy feeling and regain that inner joy.

The holistic health route has also been a choice of some conventional allopathic trained doctors, who believe as herbalists believe that the whole being should be an inclusive factor when dealing with health issues. The general differences are that we “herbal practitioners” believe the herb/plant is better utilized in the original form rather than standardized or synthesized, in most cases.

A benefit of using medicinal herbs in contrast to pharmaceutical drugs are that all remedies are formulated (mixed) for the unique constition of the individual and after a much longer health consultation

To quote the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, “ to isolate one constituent from a complex living being is to perform a disservice to the wisdom of nature." thus separation of constituents will most definitely undermine nature, and disturb the balance, thus disturbing it's curative and synergistic potential.
More emphasis on healing of “the whole being” and the “whole herb” as opposed to a single set of symptoms, coercing the whole person into content alignment and harmonious balance for the long term

A medical herbalist is often asked, "what is the difference between a herbalist and medical herbalists?" The term medical refers to the diagnostic and clinical training that a degree trained practitioner undergoes. This ensures a balance with current scientific research and clinical knowledge, to discern and diagnose anatomical and physiological anomalies within the body and on the skin. Not all herbalists are clinically trained or authorised to diagnose. However "herbalist" should have extensive herbal materia medica knowledge. To learn "what does a medical herbalist do"?


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Effective Herbal Medicine.

 Herbalism is utilizing the given energetic and healing properties of plants. 

At Herbal Abode, we treat a wide range of health conditions due to the many constituents within each plant species. Are you looking for natural treatment remedies for Menopausal complaints, UTI, Anxiety, Hormonal imbalances, Depression, Erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, Pain management, even Lyme and

digestive health, and yes! weight management is also helped with herbal support. The health support offered is numerous, too many to add here.

Herbal medicine has a different feel, in contrast to pharma drugs, many clients comment on how they feel a veil has been lifted.

Natural Herbal Medicine                        

by London Herbalist

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Evidence suggests Fluoride increases the aging processes, causes genetic damage by interrupting

RNA and DNA repair processes. 

Please view the video for further detailed information.

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