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The beauty of plant based medicine ...

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Why choose herbal medicine

The skill of your Medical herbalist practitioner lays with attuning the ideal combinations, energetics of the herb and dosages while taking into account any conventional medications and possible interactions.  

Your senior herbalist Miss Cruz has the knowledge and passion necessary for successful outcomes. If you would like to know more book a consult or call with your concerns to speak with us at 

Herbal Abode-Medical Herbalist.

The art of Herbalism or Herbal Medicine is about utilising the given energetic and healing properties of plants, healing herbs, Herbalism is so much more than a system, but a way of life for many.
Need a dedicated and qualified medical herbalist, then here we are. Herbalism the art of herbal medicine is the most primaeval form of medicine, so it is a wise person who utilises nature's remedy and your Herbal Abode, medical herbalist serving London can assist you in regaining that bright healthy feeling.

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Herbal Abode​​​-Medical herbalist London

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Complete control of your treatment.
Whether you decide to undergo a course of alternative medicine or guided meditation, you are in complete control of the choices set before you, including the duration of treatment, as when your main concern is remedied you may consider a health maintenance regime which you can discuss with us, your herbal practitioner.

Safe and effective for the whole family

This may be your first time using herbal medicine, however buying OTC remedies are not the same as the knowledge and support of your own qualified medical herbalist who formulates and dispenses quality assured safe medicinal herbs then resulting in greater successful outcomes.

"Fast forward to 28.00 if you would like to go straight to the technical chemical explanations of today's scientific testing of herbal compounds".

​​Herbs work synergistically (together), Flavonoids were thought of as too big to get through a cell membrane but Saponins help to change the structure of said membrane to allow the flavonoid to go through. see 45.00 on video

A greater choice with deeper understanding.
Your qualified local herbalist is well trained to intuitively listen to your requests and evaluate you across a range of levels, holistically, enhancing your mind, physical body and emotionally giving you a much broader choice in your treatments than conventional medicine and promoting a new level of understanding between all aspects of oneself.

A truly person centred approach.
Your medical herbalist will always adopt an individualistic approach to treatments, in the knowledge that herbal remedies interact on each beings  unique physiological and energetic status in a slightly different manner. Whether you suffer from acute flare-ups of an existing condition or more long term chronic conditions, herbal medicine serves both. Your Herbal Abode, London herbalist will really take the time to listen to you, whilst carefully evaluating your symptoms and discussing in-depth what the best course of treatment may be and the options you have.

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​​Many of us fail to understand the potential of herbal medicine, or the overwhelmingly positive, and time tested healing properties of natural plants and herbs.

Consider these key points when you’re seeking the most complementary and natural herbal remedies for you.

A gentle, safe and natural approach.​

The link between health and herbs is time honoured, with deep roots in every culture. Herbal medicine is an effective and safe, natural and non-invasive way to enjoy better health with very few side-effects compared to conventianal prescribed medication. Complementary and alternative medicine takes into account any conventional medications and any possible interactions, providing natural gentle and safe treatment for you whilst complementing existing treatments

A beauty of plant/herb based medicines are that they are available to all, without prejudice, we try to keep our costs affordable for that reason. Grass verges and fields of plants are laying in wait for someone to come along and pluck away at their goodness.

Plants are beautiful yet complex systems, more complicated than imagined. Within them lays a network and intelligence, which your alternative medicine practitioner like to call nature's secret helper system. 

It is within these many plant constituents which allow for the treatment of so diverse a range of health conditions and diseases, moving synergistically (together) as one (symbiotic) organism within your bodies internal biological pathways, from the traditional practice known as Herbal Medicine.

So where do you come in, 

Now a days with the displeasure from everlasting side effects from conventinally prescribed medications, and the growing awareness of humanity more people are realising what nature has been trying to tell them for years.

Cancer treatments are now incorporating herbs as medicines into their regime due to the increase in public awareness. 

  Cannabis herb is no longer seen as taboo, now recognised for the great potential towards many health issues and herbalists are beginning to be justifiably viewed as medical and health professionals rather than someone living off the grid in a tent in some obscure location, although there's nothing wrong in that! Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapies offer you, the patient an additional, more natural treatment option hence the name "Alternative or Complementary Medicine ".   

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