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Medical Herbalist and Health Educator T Cruz BSc (Hons)  MNIMH, is the founder of Herbal Abode. A London Herbalist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Medicine.
Our alternative health services are for those searching for a gentler, natural approach. Anyone who is open to discovering the healing potential of natures secret helpers.

Our diagnostic, and clinical training
 allows  for a

greater in-depth understanding. Plus with our expert herbaceous knowledge, we can provide effective, safe guidance. Evidence-based research is also a huge part of our practice. This ensures your safety while supporting

you on a journey to premium health and vibrancy. Our authentic herbal tinctures are free of additives. Organic where possible

Vision problems? The natural method to correct your vision.  Video

Herbal practitioners support and treat a wide range of health disorders. This is because of the many constituents within each plant species.

Vitality, freedom from pain, that inner glow again, all with natural treatment remedies.

Infections and anxiety, hormonal imbalances and chronic fatigue. long term conditions, male health, hypertension, stress, and even Lyme, digestive health, and yes! weight management to name just a few. 

There are effective methods for improvement of vision. If you wear glasses and/or have sight problems, this will give you a natural alternative.
He goes a little fast, but worth watching and learning a natural alternative. then try our herbal antioxidants for vision.

Heard of the Bates method? do some research you may be pleasantly surprised. 

This is Herbal Medicine-Truth

We offer a holistic approach to regaining that bright healthy feeling and regain that inner joy.


Alternative health with practitioner guidance

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Herbal Medicine can help you regain your strength and vitality with the support of your fully qualified herbal practitioner.         

A Medical Herbalist is trained for this purpose.

Health, Vibrancy, and Contentment with Herbal Abode.

To quote the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, “ to isolate one constituent from a complex living being is to perform a disservice to the wisdom of nature." thus separation of constituents will most definitely undermine nature, and disturb the balance, thus disturbing it's curative and synergistic potential. 

More emphasis on healing of “the whole being” and the “whole herb” as opposed to a single set of symptoms, coercing the whole person into content alignment and harmonious balance for the long-term. 

When it comes to "evidence-based" practices, Herbal Medicines

get a negative rap. Yes! there is scientific research on many plants species and herbs. This has determined actions and activity of

some varied herb constituents.

The issue of antibiotic resistance always makes the headlines,

hence here is a link to a paper presented to the UK governments House of Commons in 2013. Medicinal herb usage can help this ongoing issue. View the PDF
The paper is presented by the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA). An example of the scientific evidence related to medical herb usage.

Herbal medicines are not a quick fix. Long-term conditions which have taken years to manifest may respond slower
Patience is required to realize your goals. On the other hand, some conditions will start to see change within 3 days.

We will support you until you receive successful results. This means working together, communication and trust with your practitioner.
It is important to remain in contact in case your herbal dosages need tweaking. Also, consistency in taking your herbal remedy (compliance) is paramount for good outcomes.


Inside the plant material, smaller than eyesight, are tiny components called constituents.

This is why so many health conditions are assisted by a single herb.

The activity and actions move synergistically (together) as one (symbiotic) organism. This is happening within your bodies biological pathways.
The centuries-old practice of Herbalism, using the leaves, bark, root, and berries is Herbal Medicine

A link to a positive article from Dr. Axe on medicinal herbs.

Alternative Medicine, Integrative and Complementary therapies offer you a gentler, more natural treatment option.

The support and guidance from us, herbal practitioners will result in safe and effective outcomes.

Health first!  Act now.

  Take that step and make a change


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Complementary health, Complimentary results. 

Berries for health

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Plants are complex systems, more complicated than imagined.
Within them lays a network and intelligence.
Complementary and alternative therapies have their benefits.

Mainstream medicine also has its benefits,

but as there are pros and cons for one, there is for the other.
The awareness of humanity is changing.

More people are aware of what mother nature has been trying to tell them for years.

Native elders have known for generations. 



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The London Herbalist for Effective, Alternative, Health

 Times a changing! nature always finds a way.

Buying over the counter remedies may contain additives or bulking agents. The herbal tinctures we use are quality controlled and recommended by the MHRA.

Your personal remedy, blended by your herbalist, especially for the health diagnosis. Using herbs is so much more choosing one for a symptom.

Medicinal herbs work on many pathways and energetic meridians. So it is important to have a deeper understanding. Thus we suggest using the guidance of a professional herbal practitioner.  

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