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Your medical herbalist will look at all of these variables in choosing your herbs, unless requested otherwise we delve into your psycho-spiritual needs, to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection.

Herbal medicines can be an important part of your energy work, whether for the internal or external benefit of energy clearing.

When a herbalist must decide on a herb to add to a formulation the herbal energetics is but one method evaluated

This would be an initial phase, to evaluate your constitution and determine any excesses or deficiency patterns.

It is the physiology of the body which is affected by herbs, fluid transport, absorption, excretion and your metabolism.

all in your head !

"Basil gives the protection of the divine by clearing the aura and strengthening the immune system" (Frawley and Lad 1986), an ideal example of the energetic profile of a herb for healing with the belief of herbal energetics and a perfect excuse to add herbal remedies/medicine to your natural treatment protocols.

           Learn of the connection to health and herbs

Dr Vasant Lad, a renowned expert of Ayurvedic tradition and Ayurvedic medicine spoke of the herb, Holy Basil or Ocimum sanctum, saying " its quality is pure sattva...Holy basil opens the heart and the mind, bestowing the energy of love and devotion, another quote

Suffering needs a herbalist

Ever been told it's all in your head? The study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body, named Psycho-neuroimmunology, one of many terms used.

So! the immune system is influenced by thoughts, good ones, bad ones, deep ones, superficial ones, also an individual's outlook on life, whether optimistic or pessimistic, their self-image etc, all these are factors in the mechanisms of one's health.

To demonstrate, think of anxiety, this emotional response brought on by fear of an outcome, a situation of anticipation, increasing the allostatic load (consistent wear and tear or stress) can have a biological effect on an ongoing health issue causing a delay in healing caused by a lowered immune response. This idea used to be mocked in science circles, but now the link between neural activity and the brain is indeed a scientific fact.

  Buddhist monks use a specific herbal tea to calm in preparation for meditation (herbal history) 
Many herbalists use adaptogens for inner harmony and to tone the energetic chakra system, or in other words, enhance your mood and boost your energy and/or stamina.


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Herbs are living things, which have their own unique energy pattern and imprint. Sceptics may like to see a study exhibiting the effects of herbs along the meridian lines based on their properties, this information can be transmuted for western herbal medicine also. 

Scientific research has demonstrated the existence of an auric field, a subtle circulating energetic field around the human body. (video suggested)
There are different levels, whereby each ascending level is an assumed unique higher octave or frequency,
whichresponds to differing stimuli. Your auric field reaches outward from the skin
   The disturbance of the flows of energy within and without (external) to the body is a matter of cause and effect, adding to imbalance, causing illness and vice versa. 

In a nutshell, your mind, body, and spirit play a large part in your eventual state of health so each of these elements require attention and nurturing as part of your wellness plan.

Our connection to a belief system, daily spiritual practices, or the lack of, is also an integral part of our physical body, which in turn, being integrated within us, affects our well-being, therefore this connection, also needs attention by which herb energetics are one means of assistance.

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Spiritual growth


Dr Konstantin Korotkov, physics professor at St. Petersburg State Technical University, completed numerous experiments, not only on humans but on objects and plants, with bio-electro photography, a technique which displays the field surrounding the subject of study.