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Substituting meat and dairy doesn't have to be boring, nor does it mean you only eat salads. Take some visual inspiration. You'll notice how different you feel without heavy meats fermenting in your stomach  for 3 days. Also you will notice the withdrawal of mucous from your system when substituting dairy. Bloating will diminish as will that brain fog. 

Did you know red meat has a number of contaminants. Not everything is killed during the cooking process, and don't get me started on parasites. Yes, parasites, here in the western world we also are susceptible to these worms, especially from sushi and pork. Some types of these bacterium encase themselves in a sac, protecting themselves from the cooking processes.

Herbs have been found to be extremely effective against such things as parasites at all stages of their life cycle. And at risk of sounding repetitive many health and the above mentioned digestive issues will reap the rewards

Chicory flower
Mushrooms as herbs

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Chicory or (Cichorium Intybus) a very underrated plant.

This beautiful flower is used in herbal medicine. The blue flowers are edible and can be used to bring colour to salads. A syrup of chicory a popular laxative for children.

The leaves or roots boiled in water as said by Culpeper " opens obstructions of the liver, gall and spleen, helps the yellow of jaundice"   
The botanist to king James and Charles 1st claimed "a fine and jovial plant" and "comforteth the heart"
From Napoleonic times chicory was used to contradict the stimulatory effect of regular coffee. When the Naval blockade, cut off coffee supplies the roots were roasted and ground, becoming the utilised common method today. 

Chicory more than just a coffee substitute, drink daily if you need a sense of humour.

Heard of reishi mushrooms? of great medicinal value, well, a study with 34 advanced cancer patients, using 1800mg, 3 times per day for 12 weeks, of Ganopoly, the polysaccharides fraction, extracted from the reishi mushroom-Ganoderma lucidum, demonstrated significant enhancement of immune response. Isn't Herbal Medicine great!  Details on the study can be read here.
When considering usage, remember, extracts of particular components, powdered, raw, boiled, etc, affect the bodily systems differently, based on the delivery method ( the form of ingestion), all of these methods come with associated risks and possible toxicological issues. 
Professional advice or support should be taken if you feel you have insufficient knowledge on such things., you wouldn't want to cause permanent damage. 

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