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Herbs not only heal you physiologically but also energetically, by that I don't mean energy levels, however, they do that too, but etherically, that thing that makes us each unique. Many names are used to describe, such as essence, spirit, quirkiness, etc. Chicory, or as known by herbalist, Cichorium Intybus, as said by Culpeper, he speaks of how chicory helps yellow jaundice and goes on to say " and those that have an evil disposition in their bodies, and agues either pestilential, or of long continuance; for swoonings and passions of the heart,..."
Each of us has a pre-defined picture of good health in our minds. When we are without major complaints we believe we are healthy, however unknowingly there could be something stewing underneath that trim physique or the push through it attitude.

Achieving optimum healthiness is not impossible, does not have to be expensive or life-consuming, sound fitness and herbs can be a part of your daily routine so choose to utilise nature's helpers as you do plant-based foods. 

Consider a few basics for Peak Health

  1. Ensure daily bowel movements, why? To remove wastes. If these wastes are not readily removed they are reabsorbed, leading to other issues affecting the liver, gut permeability, diverticulitis, ulcers, etc.

This is a basic example showing how quality assured herbs and health in any state are ideal combinations, hopefully demonstrating how herbal remedies and tinctures from your London herbalist practitioner can assist health and well-being goals, even for chronic long term conditions.

The sleepless nights! insomnia, we all need a minimum amount of hours to feel refreshed and function efficiently, however! erratic sleep patterns may accompany such conditions, therefore we use remedies such as Chaste tree (Vitex Agnus-Castus) which is evidenced to enhance nightly production of melatonin, more commonly known, Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) and passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) possibly for the anguishing ongoing muscle aches for pain management Celery Seed (Apium graveolens)

The  Centres for Disease Control (CDC) defines CFS by the expression of the following signs and symptoms

Extreme fatigue- (worse on mental or physical activities not improved with extra rest) for a duration of 6 months or more, and also interferes with regular daily life.
Presenting with 4 or more of the below symptoms
    Joint pain without swelling or redness.
    Headaches uncommon to the individual.
    lymph nodes in the neck or underarm.
    Recurrent sore throats, muscle pains, concentration and memory lapses.

If you are experiencing bowel changes from loose stools to constipation then there obviously are concerns to be questioned. If you empty your bowels once a week and this is normal for you, this does not mean it is a good thing, just that your body is in a state of severe constipation. Suggestions are to remedy urgently as this is probably already causing brain fog, bloating, PMS and other issues.

Did you know women with regular bowel movements have a lessened risk of breast cancer due to the regular removal of oestrogens, in addition, oestrogen producing intestinal bacteria may also lead to increase risk factors for diabetes?  

Holistically speaking your mental health should be a major part of your plan when looking at achieving optimum levels of happiness and contentment.
    Hypericum perforatum or St John's Wort, renown for it anti-depressant capabilities and quite heavily studied for those who like scientific evidence, additionally the anti-viral elements contained are excellent for those pesky enveloped viruses.
If relaxation is needed 
chamomilla is yet another herb, one could use. These plants are capable of so much more, not just one thing as multiple pathways within the body are targeted at once all working together. 

meditating for health and herbs

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mental health and herbs

Are you aware how your emotions affect your energy levels and wellbeing, find out more on the mind, body, spirit connection

Do you need to gain weight or lose weight for optimum health?

Medicinal herbs can also support these goals.

Book an appointment with your medical herbalist or email  info@herbalabode.com and take advantage of our special offers 

Many of us have issues with our sleep from time to time, this short video by Dr Paul Haider will show the potential of medicinal herbs and offer some helpful information

herbal living at home.

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Immune modulators and herbs used for their antiviral properties, also recommended and marketed to the public as an anti-depressive, St Johns' wort (Hypericin perforatum) and/or Echinacea spp
Adaptogens and adrenal tonics with circulation stimulating herbs such as Ginkgo biloba
    Inflammation can occur in various areas or possibly not at all, this inflammation production and/or response, caused by inflammatory cytokines, within the body, can be modified by s
pecific herbs, examples, Rehmania (Rehmaniaglutinosa) is a particularly ideal anti-inflammatory and also acts as an adrenal tonic.

 Plant-based medicine act on various pathways of our natural biological system and have more than one action and activity, they consist of numerous parts, named constituents.

These constituents have numerous activities both alone and synergistically ( working together). Choosing medicinal herbs for your health is not always as basic as picking one for a symptom.

We look at the plant's energetic profile in relation to your innate constitution, as well as the pathways acted on and the activity, in addition to emotional, mental and spiritual elements as mentioned via mind, body and spirit page. Essential oils and herbal teas also have a place in holistic medicine but are not used in this example.

   Following is a very basic example on the uses of some medicinal herbs for Chronic Fatigue and/or Fibromyalgia not forgetting to delve into already prescribed medications for dangerous contraindications (mixing herbals with prescription meds)

Buying OTC remedies is completely different in comparison to the results when having the guidance of a medical herbalist. 

 2.   Do you exercise? This does not mean your usual walk to the bus stop (though this is good) but exercising other muscle groups you wouldn't normally use. Include cardio for heart and lung health and strength training at home.
Your mood will let you know overall what is going on, a build up of impurities in the body tends to make one feel down, and heavier in their mood. If you notice this (even when your life is on a steady positive path) it could be a sure sign.
        Here, your medical herbalist can provide you with the needed support, there are herbal remedies which can encourage your stamina and improve your mood. Adaptogens such as our herbal tincture Eleutheroccous
senticossus are perfect for a boost when exercising and will boost your mood also.

Commonly known herbs probably used in your kitchen have great potential, also Rosmarinus or Rosemary has been demonstrated to stop the DNA binding with Carcinogenic compounds, this was found in animal studies.
Herbal practitioners use Rosmarinus for other reasons also, such as enhancing liver detoxification or to improve mental performance.

However, important to note the method by which the body assimilates the herbs or plant-based medicines, contribute to how the body utilises the herb components.
    When we use tinctures that are quality assured and undergo chromatography with each batch we are sure of the level of each constituent within, therefore we can discern our choices when dispensing herbal natural remedies.

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Health and Medicinal Herbs 

Medicinal herbal remedies protect against many conditions, the many phytonutrients found in plant-based foods, work similarly as with herb components. The antioxidants, free radical scavengers, and other constituents in medicinal herbs work on the same premise as do healthy foods. They act on the pathways within but on a deeper level attaching to receptor sites, balancing hormones, carrying with them an unexplainable energetic component, as remember we are energy beings.