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Any type of health or healing therapy which is not considered mainstream or conventional is termed "Alternative medicine" A belief that plant-based alternative medicines have healing properties is a tradition which goes back many hundreds of years, through both empirical evidence and scientific research, the service at Herbal Abode Medical Herbalist  underpins this historical practice.

  A common thread amongst many practitioners of herbal medicine, regardless of the type of herbalism, is balance, equilibrium of all states of self, mind, body, and also spirit, however that word -spirit- is perceived, with a focus on regaining one's holistic, natural optimum state of health, differing in contrast to putting the focus on the disease. These natural herbal treatments and remedies are dispensed specifically to your health diagnosis or needs including your unique energy pattern, using roots of historical traditions and current scientific knowledge. We will get to the root of your imbalance for positive results with your Herbal practitioner.

So for your alternative medicine therapies for London visit Herbal Abode.

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The theory of herbal medicine encompasses the traditions of embracing the whole being in order to assist the human body in it's healing process.
  Well-being, follows with one's health, which is 

aligned with an individuals emotional self, and value of self. These are all aspects of treatment and referral.  

You can learn more on herbs and their energetic elements via the mind-body and spirit.

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​​​Who? and What? about herbal abode

The "medical" in medical herbalist authorises a herbalist to diagnose and treat health conditions as a regular Dr would, only dispensing herbal medicines. Herbal medicine offers a​ greater choice with deeper understanding.
Your qualified local London herbalist is well trained to listen to your health concerns, whether it is for women's health, children or men and help you fulfil your health and well-being goals. 
All across a range of levels such as enhancing the mind and physical, whilst giving you a much broader choice of your treatments. Thus promoting a new level of understanding between all aspects of oneself.

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We cover many London areas, offering home visits, clinic appointments or Skype consultations.​

Telephone consultations for minor ailments or herbal prescriptions are also available.

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Herbal Abode clinic is founded by Miss T Cruz with a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine and who is a member of the professional organisation for herbalists, the "National Institute of Medical Herbalists" NIMH.
Herbal Abode provides a very personalised service and 
is committed to helping their clients achieve their desired health goals

Words from our founder " after many years as a frontline clinical worker, whilst observing the pros and cons of conventional medicine, rushing around raising a family it became time to make a change. I always had a love of human biology, and all things natural,  I had grandparents who taught me many native and old ways, so my search began and I retrained in western herbal medicine." 

Ethics of Alternative Medicine